XIV. Türkisch-Deutscher Gynäkologenkongress

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Dear Colleagues,

Please take note of the dates May 28th through Jun 1th 2022 in your calendars. Turkish – German Gynecological Education and Research Foundation has already kicked off its activities to organize its 14th  Congress on these days at the Titanic Mardan Palace, Antalya, Turkey. Our Congress will attract further attention and will once again provide a nice meeting occasion to all of us thanks to its recognition in the international platform of science after many years of devoted work. We kindly invite you, all our distinguished colleagues to this unique scientific event.
The next congress will be held at the Titanic Mardan Palace, Antalya, an excellent congress venue in the beautiful city of Turkey in Antalya. The 14th Congress will serve as not only a meeting occasion, where our distinguished colleagues will be following the most recent developments but also an opportunity away from daily stresses and tiredness with the chance of meeting friends. We are quite sure that the congress will give you the pleasure of keeping you updated with its rich scientific agenda as well as the joy of a well-organized social program and beautiful environment.
The last congress organized in 2018 was a big success with the attendance of more than 1300 participant doctors and scientists. This last congress was a brilliant platform, where many current issues and recent developments were discussed at length including first-time debates on breakthrough advancements such as “in vitro oocyte activation” by the very scientists having developed the method. A basic genetic course was for the first time organized during the congress for obstetricians, with a lot of attention on oral presentation sessions of young researchers as usual and best papers receiving awards. Distinguished speakers and participants attended not only from Germany, our counterpart country, but also from all over the world. Live surgery sessions, other pre-congress courses and debate sessions attracted a lot of attention in this congress.
The 14th congress is also being designed to host a rich scientific program and pre-congress courses, interactive surgery sessions as well as joint sessions with international societies. A pretty rich program awaits you at the congress.
We have a special call for our young colleagues. Please submit your studies to us to be presented as oral papers and gain experience in making scientific presentations at an international level. Our congress will be a big chance for you in this regard.
Looking forward to meeting you at the congress…

Best regards,

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